4 Dominating Tee Ball Drills


There is no lack of effective tee ball drills which coaches could implement in their training or practice schedules for their players. The choice of drills depends on the players’ skills and passion in building a strong team. Creative tweaks to existing drills for tee ball practices are allowed and strongly encouraged to benefit the young players who may reach international fame in baseball some day in the future.

Coaches could consider the following 4 effective drills in building their team no matter how many players or how young they are.


1) Catching and Throwing

Catch and throw are essential tee ball practice drills that must be constantly on the training schedule to enhance the motor skills of the players. Different degrees of difficulty could be imposed on different players with different motor abilities for a progressive development.

Simple catch and throw practices involve players lined up on the baseline with the coach throwing the ball to each one for a catch. The player would attempt to throw back the ball to the coach to work on their throwing skills. The primary objective in catch and throw is to establish the proper throwing mechanics for a secure catch all the time.

Advanced levels of catch and throw drills include practicing the various movements of the hand, hip, legs and shoulders to prepare for an accurate catch or throw that could earn a point for the team.

2) Batting Tee Ball Drills

When the players are relatively comfortable and skilled with catch and throw skills in the game practices, batting drills could be introduced. Batting could come on hard or difficult for many young players who are not strong enough to hold the bat well. Many young players take some time to hit the ball with the bat. Frustration comes in easily after missing the ball several times.

A hit-off tee is popular in tee ball drills where team members work together in fielding and throwing batted balls into the bucket. Soft toss hits are also commonly exercised where the batter hits the ball using an underhanded ball style that is not too difficult to hit precisely.

Alternatively, larger balls could be used to help younger players aim for the t-ball more easily for an accurate hit. Nevertheless, the proper batting mechanics must be conveyed and adhered to for the best of skills to be developed in a potential baseball player on a professional level.


3) Fielding Drills

Creative fielding could include simple techniques to help players understand the importance of good positions of the body on the field to score for the team. Ground ball techniques as well as pop flies are fun fielding drills which would develop the players’ alertness and focus on the game.

Fielding drills could be implemented safely using tennis balls and fences to avoid hurting others. As the players progress in their batting and catching skills, advanced fielding skills such as batting could be tried out to progress from short overhand flip or easy overhand drills.

4) Group Drills

Tee ball like baseball must be played in a team in fact, 2 teams are played against each other. Hence, group drills are crucial to develop strong teamwork for success. Groups could include pickle, base running, stretching, ball scrambling or messy backyard tactics.


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