3 Awesome Basic Baseball And T-Ball Hitting Drills


Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the United States. Like any other sport, this game requires special training so that players can implement special skills in their games. The following are the top 3 easiest baseball hitting drills that will improve your game.


The Soft Toss

The Baseball soft toss drill can be a great help to your trigger mechanism and timing. When properly used you can develop an easy fluid swing. This drills main objective is to develop good balance and good timing. You should take your stance and then have someone toss balls to you from behind a wall or screen. get them to throw just a short distance and just off to the side in front of you.

When the person tossing the ball brings back his arm you should start the backward motion. As his arm starts coming forward be prepared to hit the ball. There is another variation of this drill and that’s taking your stride early, wait until the person throwing tosses the ball and then you take the swing. This will simulate off speed pitch and help in maintaining balance.

The Pre Stride (one of the great baseball hitting drills)

As the name suggests, this drill puts you in a pre stride position to get rid of the problems associated with swinging the bat. The first thing you should do with this is find out your power base. With the power base established you can get to a position you feel comfortable with. In doing this, ensure that you are within the bat length you’re using. This is one of the best hitting drills you can do.

As you stand up next to the plate, the bat should be set down while ensuring that you don’t go beyond the length of the baseball bat you are using. You can now proceed with the drill and take this stride. Note that when you step out to take your stride, you will be within the length of bat you are using. This is what is called power base.

When you pre stride, you will get in to the power base which gives you the maximum leverage when swinging the bat. You should keep in this power base and then pick up your bat. From this point, everything done on this drill is based off your power base.

The reason why the pre stride is important is because it makes it possible to get rid of the lower half. This puts more work on the upper half all the way from the hips to the head. You will be able to eliminate the moving forward of the head when swinging, this causes transfer of weight.

The baseball hitting drill also keeps the head from moving vertically, but still allows you to hit the ball. The only reason for taking the stride is to get timing and rhythm. If you manage to get rid of timing mechanism and still have the ability of getting the rhythm. You will be more successful at swinging of the bat and as a result you will be more consistent.

Rhythm is very important when hitting the baseball. You can get the rhythm by taking back weight, in a way that let’s your front heel come up. When coming up, the front heel will push you back in to load position. This positions you to work from the back side in a strong position, it’s almost the same thing as taking a stride.

The Short to Bar

If you have ever played baseball you would of heard about the popular saying with coaches that you should “be short to ball and long through it”. Many don’t explain what this is all about and what it means. However, the idea is pretty simple. Being short to the ball in baseball means hitting the ball in the first A or 1/3 of the way, in to the swing then accelerating through the ball to the finish. These are easy tee ball and baseball hitting drills that will improve your skills.

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